February brings the final 6 weeks of training towards our March 13 spring start date. Add’l ergs added before and after strength training.


Mon: Women’s ergs, 4-5pm, Men’s Ergs 5-6pm
Tues: Strength Training, Women 4:00-4:45, Men 4:45-5:30
Erg warmup/cooldown: Men 4:00-4:45, Women 4:45-5:30
Wed: Men’s ergs, 4-5pm, Women’s Ergs 5-6pm
Thurs: Yoga, Men 4-5, Women 5-6 thru Feb 9, Erg same times starting Feb 16
Fri: Strength Training, Men 4:00-4:45, Women 4:45-5:30
Erg warmup/cooldown: Women 4:00-4:45, Men 4:45-5:30