Directions to Boathouse

The boatyard is on the western shore of Argo Pond in the south end of Bandemer Park. Access to the park is gained by turning east onto Lake Shore Drive from North Main just south of the entrance to M-14. We are located in the Beal Community Boathouse in the northwest corner of the boatyard. Pioneer’s bay is on the north end of the boathouse.

From Points North: Southbound US23 to US23/M14 West. Exit Main St., which will merge onto southbound Main St. Lake Shore Dr. is 1/4mi. on the left.

From points East: From westbound I94 take US23 North to US23/M14 West. From westbound M14, exit Downtown Ann Arbor as above.

From points South: Take US23 North to US23/M14 West. From westbound M14 exit, Main St. as above.

From points West: From eastbound I94, exit Jackson Rd., which will merge into inbound Jackson Rd. This will become Huron at the third stoplight. Continue in an easterly direction towards downtown. Turn left onto Main St. (7th light). Continue on Main heading north. Look for Lake Shore Drive 1/4mi past train trestle on the right.

From eastbound I96, take US 23 south and follow as from North (above).

There are several options available to help get to practice.

Drop off and pick up is to be made at the north end of the parking lot near the Pioneer bay doors. This is essential or the sake of traffic flow and boat maneuvering.

DO NOT under any circumstances, stop your car at or near the boat crossing between the river and the boathouse access. This is a pinch point and gridlocks everything.

DO NOT under any circumstances drive your car into the boathouse area at this crossing, even to turn around. This area will be coned in the future to prevent the possibility.

If convenient, you may drop off/pick up in the paved lots before the railroad crossing. Not going all the way in means not having to queue all the way out.

The exit from the park onto N. Main is posted RIGHT TURN ONLY from 4-7pm, and is enforced. This is there for both safety and efficiency purposes — traffic is heavy in both directions during these hours, and back ups can extend a great distance into the park. Please turn right to exit and U-turn up the road at either Huronview Blvd. or Huron River Drive. Everyone behind you appreciates it.

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