Spring Tryouts

Note on Winter Training

We do not accept or train new rowers during our winter training months. It is set up for experienced rowers, and is designed to meet their specific needs given their current rowing experience. We unfortunately do no have the time and resources necessary to sufficiently and successfully work with inexperienced rowers unfamiliar with the sport or the team ethos.

Spring Tryout Procedures

Tryouts for prospective new rowers will be held the first two weeks of practice, beginning Monday of the second full week of March. Participants will be coached, observed and tested during the first two weeks of the spring season according to the Spring Standards and subjective criteria listed below, and will be given a 1.5K erg test at some point within that time frame. All rowers, new and returning, must meet or better the these standards for participation consideration. In the event of scores close to but exceeding the standards, rowers may be granted participation at their coach’s discretion if the subjective criteria warrant.

The first week of tryouts will be held in PHS, the second will be at the boathouse in Bandemer Park.

Roster of eligible rowers will be posted at the end the second week.

Athletic Participation Fees will be refunded if one does not make the team.

Spring Tryout/Minimum Performance Standards

Incoming athletes should be able to perform the following exercises within the given parameters:

Minimum of 30 proper form sit-ups in 1 minute
Minimum of 20 proper form jumpies (squat jumps) in 1 minute
1 mile run in 10:00 for girls, 8:30 for boys.

Note: These exercises may or may not be tested during tryout week, but a prospective rower’s ability to perform them will be a good indication of their ability to handle the team workload.

Returning and incoming athletes will be tested on the following:

Maximum 2k Erg score (split time)
– Varsity/JV Men: 1:55.0
– Varsity/JV Women: 2:12.0
– Returning/New Novice Men: 2:02.5
– Returning/New Novice Women: 2:18.5

Maximum 2 x 1k Erg score (split time average)
– Prospective Novice (rate cap 24) Men: 2:07.0 Women: 2:22.0

Other Determining (Subjective) Factors – as determined by coaching staff

  • Technical Proficiency – Rowers must be able to row with correct technique
  • Physical Ability ¬– Rowers should possess the athleticism necessary to row properly. This will include sufficient core strength, bodily awareness, and aerobic capacity.
  • Consistency of Effort – Rowers should have a positive mental attitude along with a willingness to learn and demonstrate improvement over time. Successful rowers will be enthusiastic and open to the strenuous workload.
  • Positive Team Impact – Rowers should at all times be supportive and encouraging to their teammates. Negative attitudes and comments are as lethal to boat speed as poor physical execution.

If One Does Not Make The Team

Rowing is considered a year long sport, with training in the fall and winter leading to championship racing in the spring. Spring Tryouts are being implemented to insure proper team speed and coaching/resource efficacy during the busy spring racing season. Those who do not make the team but who wish to row will be encouraged to join the following Fall, when all are accepted and no tryouts will be held. Prospective rowers may also join a summer rowing program to improve their abilities prior to the next season.


Please contact Head Coach Rich Griffith, email hidden; JavaScript is required, with any questions.

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