Winter Training 2016-17

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The goal of winter training is to keep as many current and returning rowers as fit and engaged as possible in preparation for spring Championship racing. We support and encourage individual participation in other winter varsity/club sports, but also aim to provide a comprehensive set of workouts geared specifically toward rowing. These areas include overall strength, core strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, and proper rowing technique.

Moving through December and into January we will have something to do five days a week, and provide enough variety that the work will not become routine or tiresome. The workload is structured over the arc of the winter months, and strikes a good balance of providing entertaining and productive activities without causing burnout in the latter months. We want you to enjoy it, and our goal as coaches is to maintain a sustainable and achievable pace.

We do not take on brand new novices during winter training. We are not properly staffed to accommodate new rower instruction, nor is the overall environment structured towards proper novice development.

Academic Priority

As always, if academics are an issue, we absolutely want rowers to prioritize that over anything else. Frequently the winter off-season is used by individuals to concentrate on bettering their grades and/or study habits, particularly with the demanding spring schedule looming. Tutoring is also available through team members who are eager to assist.

Attendance Policy

Participation is wholly voluntary and need not be prioritized over other academic, extracurricular, or social activities including medical appts, music lessons, clubs, theater guild, drivers ed., vacations, etc. You don’t even necessarily need to let the staff know of an absence. We will trust that you’ll show up when you can, ready to work.


With this Attendance Policy in mind, however, if you plan on attending, you should honor that commitment in order to gain the maximum from it. Picking and choosing the things you like while avoiding other aspects is heavily discouraged, and will be noticed. We’ve put a good deal of thought into each aspect of training, and have your best physical interest in mind. You should respect that.

Additionally, the time away from the water affords us the advantage of concentrating on training techniques that are not possible to pursue during the season. To wit:

Weightlifting – Two days per week. Proper technique and a well thought out plan that begins with body weight resistance and culminates in Olympic lifts. Inexperienced or not, this has proven to drastically increase individual strength.

Yoga – One day a week. Flexibility is another key area where all can benefit. Extremely productive in generating body awareness and mental stamina along with proper breathing techniques.

Ergs – One to five days per week, depending on the month. We begin by only lightly erging to build a solid cardio base, and gradually increase the frequency and intensity of the workouts as spring approaches.


The schedule will evolve over the course of the winter, but will essentially follow this structure:


Mon: Ergs, Women 4-5pm; Men 5-6pm, C-Hall
Women: Ergs, 4-4:50; Weightlifting, 5:00-5:45,
Men: Ergs, 5-5:45; Weightlifting 5:45-6:30
Wed: Ergs- Men 4-5, Women 5-6
Women: Ergs, 5-6
Men: Ergs, 4-5; Weightlifting 5-6
Women: Ergs, 4-5; Weightlifting, 5:00-5:45,
Men: Ergs, 5-6


Mon: Women’s ergs, 4-5pm, Men’s Ergs 5-6pm
Tues: Strength Training, Women 4:00-4:45, Men 4:45-5:30
Erg warmup/cooldown: Men 4:00-4:45, Women 4:45-5:30
Wed: Men’s ergs, 4-5pm, Women’s Ergs 5-6pm
Thurs: Yoga, Men 4-5, Women 5-6 thru Feb 9, Erg same times starting Feb 16
Fri: Strength Training, Men 4:00-4:45, Women 4:45-5:30
Erg warmup/cooldown: Women 4:00-4:45, Men 4:45-5:30


Yoga – Senior Center, 1320 Baldwin Ave. (Burns Park)
Erging – C-Hall Wing
Strength Conditioning – Weight Room, Pit, PHS


We try to keep it as affordable as possible. The fee will be $125 this year for the entire winter, which will pay for our minimal coach and trainer/instructor fees and facility rentals. Payment arrangements can be made as during the regular season if assistance is needed. We want rowers to participate, and will always find a way to make that happen.

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