Team Clothing

Team Uniforms and Additional Team Wear

This is a JL Team Store site, where you can use your own credit card to order required team uniform items such as unisuits (non-novice only) and JL rowing trou for competition (recommended for novice rowers), as well as other training gear that all can purchase.

Novice rowers are NOT REQUIRED to buy a unisuit uniform. We will provide you with a team tank top for racing for the duration of the season, as well as spring season should you continue. You are welcome to buy anything you like, but I want to make clear that the unis are not something you need worry about at this time. We do, however, recommend buying pair or two of their rowing trou. These are the preferred race day legging. They tend to run big, so order a size below your normal. No one likes baggy trou.

***If you miss the store closing date, you will need to order your uniform as an individual from your team contact. For individual orders pricing and shipping will be much more expensive than a team purchase.***

Here is information on the site to help you place your order.

JL Racing Trou

At the beginning of each season we will have black JL trou available for purchase at a greatly reduced price directly from the team in both unisex and women’s cut. These trou are REQUIRED COMPETITION WEAR FOR NOVICES, as well as being an excellent all around rowing garment. Coach Rich will make them available usually during the secondor third week of each season.


Pioneer Crew spirit wear

PRC-2016 gear

These items are totally optional, and are not part of the official uniform, but are wonderful to have to show your Pioneer spirit and to stay warm and dry at regattas. The clothing is sold to you at cost and is not a fundraiser for the team, so most items are very affordable. Family and friends are also welcome to place orders.

One item which is particularly good for the rowers is the Gore-tex jacket. These jackets keep rowers dry which is really important in inclement weather. They are quite expensive but are well worth the investment for any rower who will be on the team for the long haul. We have modified our ordering procedures for these jackets (which normally take 4-6 weeks to receive) so in almost every case, jackets will be available at the beginning of the season.

Please follow these steps if you’d like to place an order:

  1. Print and fill out the Crew Clothing Order Form, Fall 2016 (coming soon!) Please pay close attention to the size, color and quantities to be sure you are ordering what you want. Also, please clearly print any personalization for the items where it’s available.
  2. Double check your total cost for the full amount of your order.
  3. Place order form with payment (check to Pioneer Rowing Club or cash) in an envelope labelled with “your name” and “clothing order.” The total must be paid in full to place your order.
  4. PLEASE TURN IN YOUR ORDER FORM in the boathouse dropbox anytime BEFORE THE DUE DATE INDICATED ON THE FORM. Don’t worry, if you miss the boat 😉 there will be another order just like this one next season.

The sizes are all unisex unless otherwise indicated on the order form. If you’d like to check stuff out before you place your order, I will be bringing several items to the Parent Meeting.

PRC CLothing Coordinator

Online swap meet for used PRC swag

We’re testing a new method to exchange used but still usable clothing and other PRC swag. If you have any rowing items you no longer need, please consider listing them on our PRC online swap meet where novice rowers and parents will be grateful to find them! Likewise, if you’re looking for a good deal to clothe your young rower or if you’d like to fit-in with what the experienced parents are wearing, take a look at what’s available on that link.

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