How to Help

Parents are the life blood of this organization, and it would be impossible to run the program without the enormous assistance they provide. Essentially, every aspect of crew outside the parameters of coaching practices and regttas is in some way facilitated by parental involvement. Each year a new Board of Directors is elected to oversee the logistical and financial operations of the team. The board itself is comprised of Committee Chairpersons, who in turn oversee particular aspects of the club.

Every regatta requires a team of parents to prepare, transport, setup, and serve food in tents to the hungry and tired team. This is an important way to help support your child and have fun with other parents. Many positions do not require attendance at regattas. Please make an effort to volunteer for these regatta support positions.

The coaches themselves are tremendously grateful to all those who help run the team. Attending to the day to day matters of teaching and developing young rowers takes up a great deal of time, and is rewarded far more by the satisfaction with these young people than by monetary means. In short, we do this because we love this, and we are frequently both surprised and appreciative when our enthusiasm rubs off on the rest of the greater rowing family.


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