Board and Seasonal Positions

Board Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Career Center unless otherwise noted on the calendar. All parents are welcome to attend! If you would like to add an item to the meeting agenda, please contact the Board President with the information by the Monday prior to the meeting.

You may send an email to the entire board at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Board of Director Positions


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  • Serves as the club leader and liaison with parents, coaches, rowers and Pioneer Athletic Department/ Pioneer Administration.
  • Serves as liaison with PHS. When necessary, works with the Staff in the Athletic Office to make sure that PRC runs smoothly within that department.
  • Supports the other officers of the club and committee chairs / coordinators.
  • Sets agendas for the Board activities by identifying issues for consideration.
  • Conducts Board meetings to ensure there is a forum to hear all points of view on key topics and policies.
  • Works with coaching staff to identify equipment needs, address rower and parent issues, retain coaching staff and coordinate club sponsored awards.
  • Assists Treasurer with budgets and expense authorization as well as works with Athletic Department on school portion of crew budget.
  • Provides support and solicits help as required for all club activities including recruiting, fundraising, regattas, transportation, maintenance, budgeting and communication.
  • Conducts parent meetings and End of Season Banquets.
  • Write or edit Club policies (e.g., updating policies to reflect changes in PHS policies, etc)
  • Interfaces with Student Crew Board as needed.
  • With Treasurer, serves as the Scholarship Committee.

Vice President and Online Sign-Up Regatta Coordinator

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  • Serves as Signup Genius coordinator to ensure that regattas are fully staffed with the appropriate amount of parent volunteers.
  • Reports out to board on parent comments/concerns in regards to volunteering
  • Assists President as needed/and/or special projects


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  • Manages the finances of the Club and signs off on all purchases and contractual agreements.
  • Maintains PRC checking account and other accounts.
  • Pays for all Board-approved Club payables including assistant coaching fees, equipment purchases, insurance, travel, uniforms, regatta entry fees, etc and provides reimbursement to parents and coaches who incur Club-related expenses.
  • Manages and oversees insurance of PRC owned equipment and develops replacement schedule.
  • Prepares a monthly Treasurer’s Report for presentation at Board meetings.
  • Serves as primary PRC contact person for most financial transactions (insurance, leases, equipment purchase, etc).
  • Maintains records of receipts and expenditures.
  • Work with Club CPA to ensure proper tax forms filed
  • Follow through and monitor State of Michigan forms such as non profit status and license to solicit donations.
  • Prepares a long term asset allocation spreadsheet for board review each season.
  • Provides bus driver tip money to the lead chaperone.


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  • Manages  Club correspondence.
  • Takes Board Meeting minutes (and other related meetings) and completes minutes for review at next meeting.
  • Maintains file of Minutes and all Club correspondence.
  • Updates Crew Handbook detailing tasks necessary to run the PRC

Director, Head Coach

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  • Email list Coordinator

Travel Coordinator

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  • Arranges bus or other transportation for out of town regattas.
  • Arranges hotel or other overnight accommodations for regattas.
  • Handles paperwork required by the school (may work with Club President/ VP as needed) for out of town, out of state or out of country travel.
  • Select a lead chaperone for each chaperoned event, ideally a parent who has chaperoned before.
  • Prior to the event, the travel coordinator emails the chaperone responsibilities and background check to each chaperone parent along with contact information in case they have questions.
  • Ensures chaperones have copy of regatta travel instructions and rower medical information.

Director Finance Committee

Position Open and Needed

  • Determines appropriate fund-raising activities for the season, subject to full Board approval.
  • Oversees chair people for fund-raising events.
  • Manages/ keeps / maintains any fund-raising equipment.

Food Coordinators

Jill Maloy and Emily Santer

  • Purchases (or coordinates volunteers to purchase) food for all regattas.
  • Coordinates storage of food and transportation of food to regatta sites. Works with parent volunteers to prepare food and beverages at regatta sites.
  • Maintains the necessary organization to stay within the allocated budget for each regatta.

Booster Club Liaison

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Liaison between PRC and the PHS Booster Club.

Clothing Coordinator

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  • Works with coaches to select style and brand of clothing
  • Manages process of ordering clothing, collecting money and distribution.

Equipment Coordinators

Barney Maloy and email hidden; JavaScript is required

Maintains PRC owned food trailer, and PRC equipment housed in trailers.

Season-long Volunteer Positions

Crew Brew Coffee Fundraising


Media Representative

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The Media representative for the team is responsible for writing news events after each regatta. He or she will establish a corresponding author account with MLive, and input all the data for the crew team’s scheduled regattas. After each regatta, the Media rep will collect the results from the Head Coach, and solicit photographs from parents who have been able to take clear close-up photos of the boats that won medals. The media rep collates this information to provide a report on the team’s performance at each regatta, in newspaper article format. Once the Media rep posts the articles to the MLive site, he or she will email the link to the team’s email lists.

Regatta Carpool Coordinator

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Organizes carpools for local regattas-recruits drivers, manages departure from the flagpole (coordinating rowers /drivers) making sure all rowers have transportation to / from each regatta.

Perishable Shopper

Elizabeth Jeffords

Prior to each regatta, this volunteer will purchase, prepare, pack in coolers and arrange for transport to the regatta the following items: yogurt, cream cheese, milk, juice, hard-boiled eggs, hummus, bagged carrots/snap peas. Amounts to purchase and any additional items will be communicated to the perishable shopper by the food coordinator. Does not require regatta attendance.

Non-Perishable Shopper

Jenny Jalet

Prior to each regatta, this volunteer will purchase and pack standard non-perishables.  Food Coordinator will supply list of items needed; inventory needs to be monitored and replenished as needed throughout the season. Also responsible for purchase of powdered drink mixes (Gatorade and lemonade, hot chocolate), coffee, tea, and canned or jarred juice to be consumed at regatta site. Does not require regatta attendance.

Bagel Coordinator

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Order bagels each regatta week from shop with the best deal (e.g., Barry’s, Bruegger’s, or Panera).  Plan on about 1 bagel per rower. Arrange for delivery of bagels during tent set-up the morning of each regatta.

Beverage Coordinators

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Responsible for collecting jugs, sanitizing and filling them with tap water for delivery to the regatta each week.  This entails filling two 5-gallon containers and three 4-gallon containers.  In addition, two 5-gallon jugs from Arbor Springs need to be delivered to the regatta site each week.   Several people may share this job and arrangements can be made to deliver the water to the trailer the day before the regatta.

Plastic/Paper Goods Stock Coordinators

Cynthia Hudgins and Gayle Gorgas

This is a parent who volunteers to restock the disposable products in the food trailer, such as plastic utensils, paper plates, cups, bowls, disposable serving containers, trash bags, hand sanitizers, etc..  Costs are reimbursed by the club;  submit receipts to the treasurer, for reimbursement, as needed.


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Works with the Board Officers and Coordinators to keep each of their respective area on the website up to date with accurate information. Maintenance instructions are on this page. Please let me know if you have corrections or trouble finding anything.

Banquet Coordinator

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Row Along Coordinators

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