Registration, Fall and Spring

Step 1 – Athletic Department Registration

To participate in crew, fall or spring, you must begin by registering with the Pioneer High School Athletic Department.

You will need to fill out an online form and pay the insurance fee to Rec & Ed. To complete the process you will have to show proof of having had a physical examination sometime after 4/15/17. More info on how to get a physical here. Walk-in physicals are available at the Advanced Clinic for $29. Please consider this alternative to a multi-week delay. Advance-Walk-in-Physicals Information PDF IHA members may also utilize their walk-in services at their Jackson and Plymouth Rd locations.

All of this needs to be done BEFORE an athlete can participate at practice.

Note: The $250 participation fee is for the spring season only. You may register for spring without paying this fee, even though they may urge you to do so. I advise you not to, as our financial arrangement with the school may change between now and then, and the fee is non-refundable unless an athlete fails to make the spring selections.

Step 2 – Pioneer Rowing Club Rower Information and Conflict Form

Once the season has started, you will need to complete the Pioneer Rowing Fall 2017 Rower Information Form and provide the requested information. This must be completed by the end of the first week of the school year in fall, and by the end of the first week of practice in spring.

Step 3 – US Rowing Online Waiver

Part of the form process will require you to fill out the US Rowing Wavier online here:  When prompted, use the following Club Access Code: VJ9HT  We use an online waiver completion process through US Rowing.  Parent must complete the waiver if rower is under 18 years of age; rower only needs to complete waiver if over 18. NOTE: New Fall rowers only, Waiver is good for the calendar year, so spring rowers need not re-sign.


Practice begins Monday, August 21 and will be held at our boathouse in Bandemer Park. All practices are mandatory, and run M-F 4:15-6:30pm. That being said, we are somewhat lax about attendance the first two weeks of practice, due to pre-existing conflicts with camps, family vacations, etc.

We will likely be doing some sort of workout day one, so please dress accordingly. Running shoes are a must. Also, there is no running water at our facility, so BRING PLENTY OF WATER to drink.

We practice in Bandemer Park, which is accessed by taking Lakeshore Dr. off of N. Main. We are located in the north end of the Beale Community Boathouse.

There is no direct transportation to the boathouse, so rowers are responsible for getting themselves to and from practice. We will try to facilitate a carpool group the first week of practice by email to help novice rowers and parents.

Drop off/ Pick up
Drop off and pick up is to be made at the north end of the parking lot near the Pioneer bay doors. This is essential or the sake of traffic flow and boat maneuvering, so please do not stop near the front of the boathouse. NEVER drive west of the rail fence into the boatyard or between boathouses.

Important Note: The exit from the park onto N. Main is posted RIGHT TURN ONLY from 4-7pm, and is enforced. This is there for both safety and efficiency purposes — traffic is heavy in both directions during these hours, and back ups can extend a great distance into the park. Please turn right to exit and U-turn up the road at either Huronview Blvd. or Huron River Drive. Everyone behind you appreciates it.

Swim Test
All rowers must demonstrate the ability to swim. Those who cannot pass the swim test cannot participate. We will provide a group swim test some time during the first week of practice at the PHS pool. Complete details will be available by the start of the season.

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